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Do you want to master any subject with the best professionals from all over the world? We specialize in online tutoring, find your online private tutor today. You can also download some free resources.

Online Tutors

Do you or your child need help with with any subject?
Find expert online tutors and resources.

Shopping & Errand Running

We’ll help you with posting and collecting your packages and all your shopping needs.


Download some FREE  Resources.

Our Features Include:

Documents Upload

Upload documents such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF and images


Use the virtual whiteboard for highlighting content


Communicate with your classroom in public and private chat​s

Multi-User Whiteboard

Encourage creative thinking with the multi-user whiteboard

Shared Notes

Use shared notes for easier group collaboration​

Screen Share

Intuitive screen sharing that keep students engaged

Hand Raise

Provide feedback during class by virtually raising your hand

Webcam Video

Share your webcam video during class and use custom backgrounds


Schedule and see your upcoming lessons


Each tutor have their own virtual classroom and students can join

Free Resources

Growing number of past exam papers.

Tutor with Adenaya Solutions Ltd

Earn money sharing your expert knowledge with students. Sign up to start tutoring online with Adenaya Solutions Ltd.

Online Tutoring – How it works

It all begins with that initial search.

Simply tell us what subjects you’re interested in and then compare tutors, read learner reviews and message them for free, allowing you to make the right choice with confidence. Choose an experienced tutor that fits your budget

Once you’ve found your tutor, simply message them and then book a lesson.

Once you have agreed a date and time with your tutor, you can book as many lessons with them. We recommend booking 10 lessons per round.

Join the online classroom and start the learning!

Your tutor will provide all of the resources needed and aim to deliver enjoyable, informative sessions.

Simply pay as you learn.

You stay in control of your learning. After you’ve had your lesson, the tutor will mark the lesson as “Delivered”. You will then confirm that the lesson has been taught. Only then will the tutors be eligible for payment. This will give you peace of mind.

It is essential that you have an upto-date email address and you monitor it. That would be our primary means of contacting you with relevant information and updates.

Start learning today

Looking for the perfect tutor for you or your kids? Browse experienced tutors and start learning today

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