Marking a service as completed/Delivered

Marking a service as Completed/Delivered

This tutorial would show you how to change the status of an order. To mark your service as “Delivered”. For example if 4 lessons have been booked, it would be split into 4 individual orders. So mark the orders 1 by 1 as Delivered as soon as you have taught that lesson. Then the student would have to confirm that they have received the lessons. If they confirm, then you will be eligible for payments.

1) Go to your store manager
2) Click on orders

3)Click on the oder number or you can click on the eye botton to view the order

4) You can change the order’s status to Delivered, then click on update.

5) Wait for Student confirmation or remind them using our messaging systems.

7 days after the tutor clicks on complete before they get their money. This is to give the customer/client enough time to dispute. The customer would get a notification about their order being marked as completed.
The customer must then contact us if the lesson hasn’t been taught yet. Hidden- need to change

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